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June, 2014

Windows Phone


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OverVolt is a car racing game inspired by the miniature slot car world. The game develops around six words and fourty tracks. There are two racing modalities: single player races over three worlds facing the best of the class in always more complex miniature cars tracks and a multiplayer mode where to challenge friends from socials or random players; mulitplayer races are organized in one-to-one tourneaments to the best of three asynchronous races to allow gamers to challenge friends without having to be online at the same time. The game features a unique personalization possibility; by taking a picture with the camera from the dedicated-in-game section and to use that picture as the texture of the car users are able to use in the whole game. OverVolt experienced is then completed by the achievement board which allows gamers to earn game credits, Power UPs and unique cars.


The 24th of December might easily become a hell of a day. Going out for shopping is likely to get a nightmare considering how many people are rushing, frenetically, around the shops to secure the last minute’s Christmas present.Is there anything better than working with the ambition of inventing a brand new realizable game, in a day like that?Maybe sleeping in a warm bed? Never! The day before Christmas, we, from Interactive Project, met together early in the morning at our main quarters, the start-up accelerator Luiss Enlabs, to join forces and give birth to our new project. We divided in three small teams; each composed by a programmer, a designer and a marketing manager. One hour at maximum for each team to came up and, then, present the game’s concept to the others waiting for critics and objections. Confrontations generated a bit of a tension, but we managed not to assault each other and to come up with our new game concept. Just one question: who ever drove a slot car? Entire afternoons spent in freedom and neighbour’s friends company, times of laughs and light hearts, of 5 pm snacks and unforgettable matches ‘till late evening. It hit us like a lighting; our thoughts went back to those afternoons and we felt our hearts filling up with emotions to the idea of “digitalizing” the beloved game. Our next game was going to be inspired by the famous electric cars of our childhood! On December 31st we decided to repeat the Christmas Eve experiment and to meet up again at the job place, this time with the intention of writing down the development roadmap for OverVolt! But since telling is not doing we decided to move directly into action using as a base the experience gained in the development of our previous game MyGPTeam Turbo. And that was the day our next game OverVolt came to life!Cartoon-style characters, dialogues and a background story to anticipate the races. To the more traditional slot-cars we added new ones such as the ice-cream van and the mine cart; moreover we created some power-ups for your car: from the magnet to avoid going out from the track to the missiles to shoot your opponent and fly to the finish line!


  • Over 35 crazy miniature slot cars
  • Power UPs to win the challenges: Nitro, Magnets, Shields and Rockets!
  • Six scenarios and fourty tracks
  • Asyncronous multiplayer to challenge friends from socials
  • In-house developed real life personalization features!
  • Social interaction to the top: share car, victories, achievements and challenge friends to the last race!


OverVolt: crazy slot cars Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (16MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "AppCampus funded project" Espoo (Finland), 2014
  • "AppCademy certificate of completion" Espoo (Finland), 11 April, 2014

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Call to Beta
The blog-post talking about beta release: interactiveproject.com.

About Interactive Project

Interactive Project is a leading developer and publisher of cross-platform and cross-device games about motor-sports. The company is headquartered in Rome, Italy, in Luiss EnLabs startup accelerator offices, and is backed by investors. All Interactive Project games are developed in-house. The company runs the program "Indie's way" aiming at supporting indie developers at finilizing and publishing their projects and is active in the B2B business in the development of advergames and gamification apps for thir parties companies.

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OverVolt: crazy slot cars Credits

Matteo Palumbo
Project Manager

Augusto Pace, Ennio Pirolo, Valerio Riva

Simone Serafini
UI/UX Artist

Carmine Pucci
Art Director

Salvatore Fiore
3D Artist

Francesco Palumbo
Marketing Manager

Roberto Oliva
Business Development

Davide Pensato, guitar played by Lorenzo Sempio
Music Composition & Sound design (dpstudios)

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