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9 September, 2015

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Managerial racing game inspired to the world of F1. MyGPTeam Turbo is the first mobile game of Interactive Project; completely in 3D graphics it allows the game to enjoy hard-core elemets of gaming similar to MyGPTeam Career and more casual elements typical of the mobile world such as in-app mini-games. The manager of the team may choose the pilots, train them and advance car parts quality before engaging in real time multiplayer races or one-to-one challenges to the last mile!


Storng of our experience and succes with our first browser game MyGPTeam Career we decided to extend our portfolio in a new area: mobile gaming. Easy to say not so to actually do our team studied new technologies and new members were hired in order to strenghten the team capabilities and produce this new title. Several months of working gave back a very good game all with 3D graphics, with a robust server-side technology which could be reused for future titles and completely multiplayer. A great success for a first experiment in a new market.


  • Gamers are able to manage their team directly from the mobile device
  • Real time multiplayer races and 1-to-1 challenges
  • Whole game is in 3D graphics
  • Minigame to train gamers' pilots and in race


MyGPTeam Turbo Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "MyGPTeam Turbo selected finalist projects Game Connection America 2014" San Francisco (California), 17 March, 2014

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Interactive Project Announces a new game: MyGPTeam Turbo interactiveproject.com.

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Interactive Project is a leading developer and publisher of cross-platform and cross-device games about motor-sports. The company is headquartered in Rome, Italy, in Luiss EnLabs startup accelerator offices, and is backed by investors. All Interactive Project games are developed in-house. The company runs the program "Indie's way" aiming at supporting indie developers at finilizing and publishing their projects and is active in the B2B business in the development of advergames and gamification apps for thir parties companies.

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