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low poly wheel

How to model a low poly wheel in Blender

Interactive Project “how to’s” is back with a tutorial on how to model a low poly wheel! Last episode of “how to’s” column was dedicated to the exploration of the various steps needed by a 3D artist to model a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Hello guys! We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Get your chance to play OverVolt in Christmas version in the multiplayer section: Both on Android or Windows Phone! Or manage your fireball team for a great … Continue reading

25. December 2014 | General stuff, MyGPTeam Career, MyGPTeam Turbo, OverVolt: crazy slot cars | Leave a comment


Race dynamics in MyGPTeam Turbo

Howdy managers, friends, fan, random visitors and strange creatures which visit our blog! Hope you are all doing fine! We, at Interactive Project, have been quite involved in planning and working for you on our last game OverVolt: crazy slot … Continue reading

08. October 2014 | IP Team, MyGPTeam Turbo | 2 comments


Circuit of the week: Buenos Aires!

Howdy managers!!! It finally seems spring is arrived! Long days, hot evenings and great happy hours. We from Interactive Project are not simply enjoying some drinks at the shadow of the Coliseum (even though after working hours you might find … Continue reading

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944742_551928991564254_1256434816_n (2)

Circuit of the week: Rio!

Howdy managers! Tired of a spring that never seems to arrive? Tired of long days behind your desk at work, at university or among school-desks? Tired of the terrible lights of the buildings you seem to spend your life in? … Continue reading

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Circuit of the week: Maynas

Howdy managers! It is finally time for MyGPTeam Turbo circuit of the week! The best tracks from your favourite managerial game by Interactive Project! We are back this week with our Art Director Carmine and today we would like to … Continue reading

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One circuit a week: Paris

Howdy managers! Ready to give your best to deliver great results for you teams? Here from Interactive Project we got great news about the circuits where your drivers run to win the glory! We are glad to introduce you, this … Continue reading

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From inertia to your game: how a 3D work gets life!

Good-whatever time of the day is around the world, managers! How are you doing? Everything fine with your team? Always pushing your drivers to the limit? We, from Interactive Project are always ready to work on and on for the … Continue reading

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The story behind MyGPTeam Turbo’s circuit: Rome.

Howdy fellows! Enjoyed last week’s description on how your fireball is turned into an incredible 3D model? If your answer is yes (but if your answer is “would have loved to” just click here) and you want to know more … Continue reading

13. March 2014 | MyGPTeam Turbo | 1 comment


From 2D to 3D: the concept evolution of MyGPTeam Turbo fireball

It feels great to click on a button or on an icon and enjoy great scenarios, incredibly looking heroes and cars which have nothing but as many details as real life ones. What we do not imagine is how much … Continue reading

06. March 2014 | MyGPTeam Turbo | 3 comments

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