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Hello friends! Welcome back to Interactive Project Blog! We are here today with Carmine Pucci and we are ready to discuss a new subject on the great column Interactive Project’s “How to’s”.

The subject today is how a character comes to life, which is the process which leads from the idea: we have to have a character! To its actual realization?

First of all you start with three things: sketches, sketches, sketches. Tens of different thumbnails see the life, in this phase the artist is very creative and rages much in their work, moving more by inspiration and mood than really looking for a pattern.

When there are enough thumbnails the art director chooses the ones which are closer to the typology desired.

At this moment the sketches are done around the typology, and several studies try to catch facial expressions and body movements.

The character is then chosen among the various proposal and a work of trials palettes and dressing drawing goes on.


Many considerations have to be done before taking the final decision about the character and their dressing.

Once the character is available several artworks are prepared in order to reproduce him/her/it in the game universe.

If the character has to be rendered 3D than further studies are done. A phase of “turn around drawings” are done in order to help the 3D artist to realize the model in details. In this case trials of textures are designed in the sense that are done some drawings “zooming” on dressing details, while some real textures are prepared to be inserted later in the model itself.

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03. July 2015 by Interactive Project
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