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Videogames Trends

Hello friends, welcome back to Interactive Project’s Blog! Today we want to deal with a delicate subject: Videogames!

Well, you might say: “What is new. Your blog is all about videogames”. *ell, you are right. But today we want to talk about videogames trends.

It has been a while since we used to play Asylum or its enhanced version for the Commodore 64. But videogames have gone pretty far, becoming our personal entertainment method every time we have a second off, whether is a job pause, a gap between two studying hours or a ride on the bus.

Diffusion of PCs and consoles has dramatically increased the number of players in the late years, but it is with the advent of smartphones and mobile videogaming that the videogame has really become worldwide and open to everybody. What are we talking about? Think about your granny, would you ever imagine her tearing down palaces in a fps? Well, if that is the case you have a very cool grandma, but if that is not the case don’t panic, it is nowadays common to see people of all ages playing games on their smartphones or tablets (and maybe you’ll get your grandma rocking on fps if you ask her to play).

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Mobile videogames currently count for over 1/3 of the total app downloads and for over 2/3 of the total revenues in the mobile market. Easy to understand mobile gaming is getting an attractive business both in terms of reach and revenues. There are over 500 million mobile videogamers world-wide and the sector sees a growth of over 30% per annum (a figure currently increasing) in the late years.

Mobile sector is booming, and that is a fact, no matter how much big corporations are producing great titles for consoles and PCs. The mobile market is sought to outrun the Console market, revenues of the market in 2014 grew 42% more than 2013 and reached 25$ billion and it is estimated that that value will eventually rise to over 30$ billion in 2015.

One nice feature of the mobile market is that it is open and mostly populated by independent videogames companies, because of lower costs and a more affordable distribution market videogames produced by indies are now taking their lead in the mobile market (from where they are moving toward consoles through the new console programs for indies).

So the market for videogames is now booming on the console side, because of new generation enhancement and the possibility to take graphics and gameplay to the next level, mobile gaming is experiencing a rise and they are experiencing an increase in gameplay complexity and diffusion together with an exponential increase in revenue growth for the sector.

Indie games on mobile are now rising and are also expanding to new sectors revitalizing the market and taking the lead, promising a great future for the videogames industry also having in mind the new technologies which are coming up as the Oculus Rift, the 3D visors and all the augmented reality gears.

Takeaway in pills:

  • Videogame market is booming with outstanding yearly growth
  • Console games are getting next generation and more complex and social
  • Mobile games downloads count for 1/3 of the apps downloaded but for 2/3 of the revenues on mobile stores
  • Mobile game revenues will eventually outrun console games ones
  • Indies are colonizing the mobile game sector and starting porting their expertise on the console games industry thanks to dedicated programs

Want to know more about videogames? Stay tuned for next posts on Interactive Project Blog! Or get in touch with us writing us here!

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