Gamification and wellness training

Tired of spending the day sit in front of a PC? What about going to the gym, doing some cardio, weightlifting… Hey, it’s so repetitive and boring. What to do? It’s raining outside and there is no time to play any sport or start fencing… Don’t worry! Gamification is already here to help you!

But let’s make a step back. Training has been part of people’s everyday life since centuries, first in the form hunting for food (well… many, many years ago), then in the form of wars. The ancient greeks were great estimators of the culture of body training. And so on until modern times where fencing and boxing were among the first activities of every gentleman.

The history of physical training is ancient as the human being, but in the era of hyperconnection listening to the music while running on a treadmill in front of a mirror is not enough. People need to feel they are doing something real after hours spent in the office. As we said, gamification came as the answer!

Is there any better way to make people enthusiast for anything than making them play? And this is the direction many leaders in the sector producing fitness machines and gears are moving.

We already talked (here) about gamification in connection with running gears and everyone knows about apps tracking the running or cycling performances, but here we will focus more on the gym environment.

Gamification allows people to work out hard (and harder) while enjoying a “game situation”. The first experiments in this direction are represented by treadmills that give on their monitors samples of circuits in the mountains (or other places) and, while the view changes they automatically change how difficult is the run (making it steeper or faster).

But technology is going forward and today the new frontier of working out passes through 3D vison!

This idea might be applied to every situation and every workout machine in which, for example you might give people a visor and with weight lifting, they make points in a game or they can fight against the other.

Imagine running while your footwork helps you to conquer a medieval castle!


Do you want to know more about gamification? Or you need to develop gamification for your wellness machine? Write us here and stay tuned for next posts on Interactive Project Blog’s column Videogames Wiki!

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10. April 2015 by Interactive Project
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  • http://www.arshstudio.com alireza ranjbar shourabi

    So we can think of integrating Oculus, hololens, google glass and likes into our training apps and training devices. I Like the idea. Are there any current projects regarding this concept?