Contest gaming

Challenges are always ahead. People lives for challenge and competition! So.. what gets more traction than a challenge?

Almost nothing!

Hello friends! We are back today with another topic of Videogames Wiki, talking about a new trend in brand promotion and advertising:

Contest gaming!


Nothing too new on the side of marketing, contest gaming have existed since the birth of humanity. Perform some action, accept the challenge and win, or lose. Anyway what is really new, what really is the next step in contest gaming, comes from the integration of new technologies to increase game traction, moreover the use of social media and online resources increases the chance that the contests go viral and reach many of the people connected through the internet or owning a smartphone.

Gamification here is a plus and makes the challenges of a contest available well beyond the playground behind the store (imagine you are promoting a new pair of shoes and you offer one pair free for the one who scores more goals with a limited number of balls in the playground behind the corner).

In this case the company who is willing to make advertising in a new way may use the dynamics of advergaming to increase traction toward its desired goal, being it a strategy to support the launch of a product, a service or to increase brand value or retention. (You can make people “kick the same number of balls without having them to be on your playground, but easily from the game branded with your name on their smartphones)

For this purpose, an advergame is developed, which resembles, in its graphics, the product or the brand and gives the chance to compete for a goal. For the contest winner there should be, of course, rewards. Rewards have to be designed upon the scope of the contest. (And the shoes the winner would get from the store shelves are now simply sent them home with an express courier, easy and very effective in terms of reach and attractiveness)

Traction of this mechanism are dual, the possibility to compete and win something, and the game itself which, if made with care and attention, might prove fascination and be perfect for retention and brand building.
Do you want to organize a contest game? Ask us here.

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14. April 2015 by Interactive Project
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