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OverVolt nice features! Skin personalization prefab and model!

Howdy friends!

Hope you are doing fine! We, at Interactive Project are working hard and, even though the eclipse passed through the sunny Rome sky and we had some issues with team members turning into werewolves (here a fast sketch of the situation by our artist Carmine Pucci, it seems that our office turns during eclipse too), situation calmed down and we kept on working.


It has been a while since we last talked about OverVolt cars, however today we are back with it and we are going to talk about some nice features you might use in the game.
You already know you can personalize you car skin in the dedicated section of the shop, by simply taking a picture you can apply your picture as a car skin!

What you might not know is that if you click (while playing OverVolt: crazy slot cars) on the nice button on the left (the one circled red) you can download more skins pre-designed by our artists! There are several for every single car!

Overvolt skin personalization

You can download and use them in your race!

Skin personalization splahs screen

But… If you got there you probably missed the nice button on the splash screen, which allows also more personalization!

Skin personalization

If you click there or write the code you find there in the dedicated section of the website (here), you can download a prepared white model you can print and draw yourself. The model perfectly fit in the car skin thus, once you colored your car you can shoot a picture of it and see your unique colored car come to life!

We hope you enjoy OverVolt! You find it here (for Windows Phone) and here (for Android)! Download OverVolt and run with your colored personalized car!

We like to hear from you! Write us here and stay updated with life @Interactive Project on Interactive Project blog and socials (Like facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin)!

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20. March 2015 by Interactive Project
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