OverVolt cars! Week XXVII: Prototype

Howdy friends!

Are you doing fine? Another week has come and gone and, if you own a Windows Phone and you still haven’t downloaded it there is a special gift for you. Only for week 13 (2015) OverVolt: crazy slot cars will be free for every Windows Phone user! So rush downloading and playing OverVolt!

For this special occasion we are here today back with OverVolt crazy column: car of the week!

Here today with the shiny model:


 over volt cars prototype

One of the best care you might find around OverVolt, fast stable, shiny and cool this car will let you feel all the power of its pistons around every track of the game and make you feel like a real pilot in the racetrack. There is hardly any better in the game and, even if you might feel like acceleration is not enough this isn’t much of a problem, a Power UP Nitro will be enough to get you through any difficult situation.

Psssssss…. And don’t forget to OverVolt your car skills!

Car info

Car name Prototype
Car style Heavy
Car level 3
Speed 100/100
Acceleration 86/100
Road holding: 100/100


P.S. for more info about car metrics and stats watch out for OverVolt official forum!

P.P.S. If you want to find out other incredible textures for this car visit the dedicated section on OverVolt: crazy slot car website! (Textures are available after the car has been unlocked and acquired in the game)


Want to know more about other OverVolt cars? Stay tuned for next Friday post on Interactive Project Blog!

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27. March 2015 by Interactive Project
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