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OverVolt cars! Week XXVI, special gift car edition: Uncle Jack

Hello friends! How’s life? Doing fine?

We, at Interactive Project are super busy working around for many novelties. Soon you will find something about them!

But before going into further details for the next releases let’s keep on rocking with OverVolt, the game launched on Windows Phone last June landed on Android last December. Soon we will announce the next movements of OverVolt on the various stores! So stay tuned!

Here today we are back to OverVolt car of the week column. Dealing with a special gift “car”, we present you:

Uncle Jack

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 17.49.54

Missing the old times of the gold rush? Where a simple piece of land and a handful of mud separated you from richness and glory? Well, you might live back those times rushing through the tracks of OverVolt with your old mine cart, a shovel, an oil lamp and… a cold cold silent company. This car is a good choice for facing third level challenges, very balanced skills will allow you to drive it smoothly while focusing on the right strategy to implement, choosing the right Power UP and dashing to the lap line!


Psssssss…. And don’t forget to OverVolt your car skills!

Car info

Car name Uncle Jack
Car style Old style
Car level 3
Speed 82/100
Acceleration 80/100
Road holding: 81/100


P.S. for more info about car metrics and stats watch out for OverVolt official forum!

P.P.S. If you want to find out other incredible textures for this car visit the dedicated section on OverVolt: crazy slot car website! (Textures are available after the car has been unlocked and acquired in the game)


Want to know more about other OverVolt cars? Stay tuned for next Friday post on Interactive Project Blog!

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06. February 2015 by Interactive Project
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