Valerio helps you write your own Unity 3D mobile plugin

Here today to talk you about the experience we gained here at Interactive Project and help you develop your own Unity 3D mobile plugin!

Howdy friends!
Hope you are doing fine! Christmas time has come and we are dealing with Santa for many new and cool features on our games and for many special deals and gifts for all of you who love the games by Interactive Project team!

But before going on with Christmas gifts and novelties, we are back online with one of the coolest column of Interactive Project Blog: meet the team!

valerioToday we had a talk with our developer Valerio. Valerio has a long experience in the field of development, he started developing since he was a teenager and worked as a web developer for many projects and firms before starting its experience at Interactive Project. Now he develops the lines which gave life to OverVolt: crazy slot cars, MyGPTeam Turbo and the other games by Interactive Project.

Interactive Project games are developed through the use of Unity 3D technology, this engine allows to easily export the developed game to the various mobile platforms. Anyway, sometimes that is not enough. There might be the need to have a dedicated mobile plug-in to access native functionalities of the various operating systems.

Buying one might be expansive, so Valerio is here today to help you write your own! Enough talk! Open up the slides and start writing your own Unity 3D mobile plugin!

Want to know more about life here at Interactive Project? Stay tuned for next post on Interactive Project Blog.

About Interactive Project

Interactive Project develops and publishes mobile and browser-based game, with focus on motor-sports and racing titles. The company is also engaged in assisting indie developers in the finalization and publishing of their games, through the project “Indie’s Way”, and it collaborates with third party companies on ad hoc development of gamification apps and advergames.

Our games are developed with extreme cure to graphics, design and game-play experience, stressing the social and multiplayer aspects. Each game is a modular product, opening the possibility to re-use the technology to boost the development of new games, titles and gamification apps.

10. December 2014 by Interactive Project
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