OverVolt cars! Week XXIII: Roosevelt

Howdy racers!

Christmas time is coming and soon there will be novelties and Christmas surprises for those of you playing OverVolt! While waiting Interactive Project team invites you to play the game on Android (released last week) and on Windows Phone; but stay tuned those of you owning an iOS, news will follow shortly.

Apart from that, discussion in these days goes on regarding what the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (follow her adventure on the ISS on twitter!) saw before landing on the ISS (wired.it analyzed the event). But we, from Interactive Project might have a hint! There was nothing in the space but our:



Feel like human engines are not enough? Then what you need is some alien technology pushing  you the the winning line on OverVolt! This UFO is what can boost you through the stages of the third world of the game! If what you are looking for is perfect mix among the various stats Roosevelt is your answer! Equip a couple of rockets, just in case you meet some inhospitable Earthling!

Psssssss…. And don’t forget to OverVolt your UFO’s skills!

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 17.50.00

Car info

Car name Roosevelt
Car style Supercar
Car level 3
Speed 87/100
Acceleration 85/100
Road holding: 88/100


P.S. for more info about car metrics and stats watch out for OverVolt official forum!

P.P.S. If you want to find out other incredible textures for this car visit the dedicated section on OverVolt: crazy slot car website! (Textures are available after the car has been unlocked and acquired in the game)


Want to know more about other OverVolt cars? Stay tuned for next Friday post on Interactive Project Blog!

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12. December 2014 by Interactive Project
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