Jam Session

Interactive Project Jam Session

Howdy friends!

How are you doing? Autumn (at least in our part of the worlds, read Spring if you live south) is going on and Interactive Project is working hard on its new titles, while implementing new features on previous ones (Psss, stay tuned, many news are soon coming up on OverVolt: crazy slot cars).

We are glad to announce a new event coming for Interactive team: Interactive Project Jam Session.

Jam Session

Yeah, you read it right Jam Session! You might not know, but many ideas literally pops out during brakes here at Interactive Project, new games, new features, new mechanics,… New, cool, interesting and usually too complex to be implemented while working on the many project going here around. But Interactive Project never gives up on great idea. We wondered and wondered and then the solution came to our mind: a full week end dedicated to games!

Interactive Project Jam Session will focus on developing new games, creative game-play mechanics and cool designs… and much more!

The Jam Session will be organized from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of November 2014! The location is a cottage in the countryside near Palombara Sabina, a cool location in the green, nature, wilderness, far away from city and… with a fast internet connection!

It will be possible to follow Interactive Project Jam Session adventures:

On Facebook

On Twitter

On G+

On YouTube (videos will come after the session)

We would love you to help us in our Jam. If you want your idea to be implemented in a game, well, this is your chance! Follow us and write us your ideas, suggestions, and feedback in our forum or writing us from here: putting as object “Interactive Project Jam Session”, we will take them in consideration while working in the Jam.

We’re ready to get into this new Adventure! Are you ready?

Want to know more about Interactive Project? Stay tuned for next post on Interactive Project Blog!

About Interactive Project

Interactive Project develops and publishes mobile and browser-based game, with focus on motor-sports and racing titles. The company is also engaged in assisting indie developers in the finalization and publishing of their games, through the project “Indie’s Way”, and it collaborates with third party companies on ad hoc development of gamification apps and advergames.

Our games are developed with extreme cure to graphics, design and game-play experience, stressing the social and multiplayer aspects. Each game is a modular product, opening the possibility to re-use the technology to boost the development of new games, titles and gamification apps.

12. November 2014 by Interactive Project
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