Interactive Project Jam Session is over

Hello friends! Interactive Project Jam Session is over!

Much happened in the last two days. Interactive Project team left the cool office at Termini Friday afternoon and arrived in the great location of the Jam in the countryside near Palombara Sabina. Dinner out and then the first meeting during the night to identify two concepts. Coding and preparing from the early morning of the Saturday to let the two concepts come to life.

Now the two concepts are almost done and gameplay is great. We interviewed two of the members of the teams to better understand what their work consist of:


Musical platform

The first concept consists in a platform game with a maximum of four players which objective is to avoid touching the highest part of the screen, moving through the screen on waves… all at the rythm of music!

The game was designed to show sinusoidal dynamics in the movement of the waves and to allow the user to follow the music flow to win the game.

“I loved the brainstorming phase; having the chance to discuss the various ideas and confront among each other. I always had in mind to make an audiovisual mix into a game, because I do believe that music completes motions. – said Simone, UX/UI artist – I learnt a lot in this full-immersion experience, I got the chance to make something different from the normal course of everyday work. It was really cool to think “out of the box” and produce something unusual, I would love this experience to evolve in a more complex project in the future.”


Rail shooter

The idea behind of the rail shooter is the possibility of getting enterneined in a “infinite runner” with the possibility to intereact by shooting and, in this specific case, trappig ghosts!

With a cartoon graphic the game evolves through an infested house in which the player will have to trap the gosts with their shooter. One problem: ghosts are not so easy to catch. They hide behind different colors and the player might trap one only if they wear the visor of the right color!

“Working on this project was very cool, because it gave the chance to express ourselves. I got involved in the rail shooter and had the chance to produce something which really resembles my drawing and working style. This game resemble our last works in a cartoon style, I do believe we made a great job in these few hours. – said Salvatore, 3D artist – I loved this experience and really think this should be done again.”
The two concepts realized work and there are already two playable alpha. We would like to thank you all for keeping in touch and following us in this great adventure!


Stay tuned, the Jam Session was not a per se event, in the life of Interactive Project. Much more will come soon!



Want to know about this Jam Session and what goes on at Interactive Project? Stay tuned for next post on Interactive Project Blog!

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16. November 2014 by Interactive Project
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