In house Jam report – the week after

Howdy gamers!

Interactive Project in-house Jam Session of last week end was over and the team is back to work! Normality is back, for what normality means in a video-game company in a start-up phase. We are working on a series of projects which will see the light in a matter of time; however, for those of you who love OverVolt: crazy slot cars, don’t worry, many novelties are coming for those on Windows Phone and, soon, it will be launched also on Android and iOS (more info about this very very soon!).

But… (for those of you who didn’t follow us on socials)
What happened last week-end?

Interactive Project team decided to make an internal game jam in order to “get out of the box”. After so much work the idea was to try out new concepts, new game play and new designs in order to explore and give our mind some lateral thinking for future development. We met in a very nice cottage in the countryside of Palombara Sabina on the evening of Friday, November 14th until Sunday 16th afternoon.

On Friday night several concepts were discussed and, in the end only two of them were chosen among the most probable in order to be implemented, at that point the team split in two smaller teams of four people each and started working on the projects. The programming, coding and designing went on and on, with some pauses for eating and (chronologically antecedent to eating) going to the supermarket to buy food and drinks.

The two concepts:


Musical Platform – Jump Wave

The first concept was a musical platform. The idea was to have a mingle of visual and musical design in the gameplay, which, according to our UX/UI artist Simone (here the interview), gives a much better usability and performance in movements perceived by the gamer. The game consists in a multiplayer platform in which the terrain moves at rhythm of music and creating highs and lows, on the high part of the screen there is a laser which determines the game over if touched by the player. The rising blocks change colors and it the gamer is jumping and is hit by one of those it gets pushed to the top of the screen and loses. It is possible to play the game up to four gamers and wins the last remaining on the gaming field.


Rail shooter – Ghost project

The second concept was born with the idea of making something with a cartoon style graphic which could resemble some artwork of OverVolt: crazy slot cars with an infinite-runner gameplay. What could came out if not a nice ghost shooter? The gamer have to walk through an infinite corridor in a foggy environment in which ghosts appear, gamer has to click and “catch” the ghost to keep on playing… Simple enough isn’t it?

Nope! That’s not all; ghosts are not there for you to catch them, they have different natures and the gamer can’t actually catch them if they haven’t the right viewer of the ghost’s color!



What’s left of this Jam Session then? Easy concepts, fun gameplays, lot of new ideas and future dynamics to be implemented.

We would like to thank all of you who followed the week end and gave us all their support… and stay tuned for novelties. It might be that you could hear again about Jam games in few weeks.


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About Interactive Project

Interactive Project develops and publishes mobile and browser-based game, with focus on motor-sports and racing titles. The company is also engaged in assisting indie developers in the finalization and publishing of their games, through the project “Indie’s Way”, and it collaborates with third party companies on ad hoc development of gamification apps and advergames.

Our games are developed with extreme cure to graphics, design and game-play experience, stressing the social and multiplayer aspects. Each game is a modular product, opening the possibility to re-use the technology to boost the development of new games, titles and gamification apps.

19. November 2014 by Interactive Project
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