Interactive Project announces collaboration with Letang Inc. for new game “Turbo Revolution”

Interactive Project proceeds on its expansion toward the Asian market and is glad to announce its collaboration with Letang Inc.

Letang Inc., company headquartered in China, is part of the big media company MNC Media Investment Ltd., quoted on NASDAQ stock exchange. It enjoys over 20 million active users. Their core markets are Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. The company will be in charge for publishing the game Turbo Revolution by Interactive Project. The game, actually going through the latest phases of development, will be released within the first week of November, published by Letang Inc. with exclusivity on Google Play Store.

Turbo Revolution is a free-to-play racing game in which the user will be able to drive its car along several tracks testing its abilities and getting involved in great races to the last take over. The idea of Turbo Revolution came from Interactive Project’s first mobile title MyGPTeam Turbo, managerial game inspired to racing cars. In this new title will be given to players the chance to drive cars around the circuits where they used to manage their fireball’s teams.

Letang Inc. was founded in 2009 and, with over 100 employees, is now leader in the publishing sector for the Android market and it counts for 68% of total revenues for MNC Media Investment Ltd. Group, which controls the publisher and is worth a turnover of US$ 27 million in 1st half of 2014. “It’s amazing to work with a talented team like Interactive Project- said Fan Xiaoqing CEO of Letang Inc. -It’s our honor to collaborate with them, publishing their new awesome game Turbo Revolution with the aim of making it a great success”.

“I am looking forward for this cooperation with such an important partner – said Matteo Palumbo CEO of Interactive Project – Turbo Revolution is a great project and enhancement on our previous works and collaboration with Letang Inc. represent the possibility to expand our business also in Asia and Middle-East”.

About Interactive Project

Interactive Project develops and publishes mobile and browser-based game, with focus on motor-sports and racing titles. The company is also engaged in assisting indie developers in the finalization and publishing of their games, through the project “Indie’s Way”, and it collaborates with third party companies on ad hoc development of gamification apps and advergames.

Our games are developed with extreme cure to graphics, design and game-play experience, stressing the social and multiplayer aspects. Each game is a modular product, opening the possibility to re-use the technology to boost the development of new games, titles and gamification apps.

23. October 2014 by Interactive Project
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