Behind the concept of our new game OverVolt: Our Artists

Hello everybody! How are your races going? Winter is fading away in one part of the world while summer is doing the same in the other one…. but we never rest at Interactive Project! We are here working for you to let your experience of our game be always at the best of our possibilities (and, hopefully, beyond).

Today we would like to introduce you our designers!

It seems easy to use our 3D characters in our videogames, but there is everything but an easy process in the work needed to go from an idea to a design implemented in a technological device of any kind (do you want to know more about the process needed to create your 3D game character? Check it out here). We set down together with our designers and discussed with them about their works to find out about their experience and their involvement in Interactive Project gaming experience.

In our long discussion in the courtesy lounge (and great coffee point) of Luiss EnLabs we discussed the incredibly variegate background of our designers and the story behind the development of the various game characters, cars and environment.

But…. let’s go step by step. First of all: who are we talking about?

We are talking about our great designers’ team:

carmineArt Director Carmine: apart from the suburban legends behind his figure (someone is ready to swear he is half a werewolf, but none ever proved it) our Art Director comes from the comics and illustration world which is the base from where he starts to gratify us with the great ideas on which the design of your favourite games sees the light.

salvatore3D Artist Salvatore: coming from a more classical and academic study of design, packed of greatideas, the man of the wrong thing pronounced at the wrong time, always enthusiast and ready to implement our Art Director’s ideas turning them in 3D masterpieces.

These are the great characters of Interactive Project designers’ army. They illustrated us the huge work there is behind the graphic of a videogame. They spend hours working on a project trying to give the best just to find themselves forced to change or improve it all again and again, but nothing is too much for our favourites! And we keep on asking them to prove themselves in a series of different design styles. From the more real environment of MyGPTeam to a more cartoon like design of our new developing game (read later in this post)! They have always proved to be able to stand the challenge; to use their words to explain their in-job flexibility, the fact that they came from different backgrounds, was very useful to exchange ideas and suggestions to coordinate the work for a great and excellent game design.

We are proud of them and their work, which, lately, is almost full-timed-focused on the development of OverVolts environments. Development which is everything but easy: decisions about the environments to be designed are made, than our Art Director sketches thousands (maybe just a bit less) of examples while is drawn a list of objects to be modelled. Out of the sketches, one is chosen and a selection of objects pass to our 3D artist, which then studies their transformation into a proper 3D environment, coloured with textures and completed with a high quality rendering on Blender.

And here you are a short preview of one of their works about our brand new game OverVolt!!!


P.S. Many thanks to our designers, their commitment and their great sense of humour.

Would you like to know more about new Interactive Project game OverVolt, its story and development phases?
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11. March 2014 by Interactive Project
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