Interactive Project announces publishing deal with Hexagame

Another important piece has been added to the path towards Interactive Project internationalization.

With only a few days left before the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Interactive Project is very proud to announce the conclusion of the agreement with the French publisher HexaGame.

“This partnership will give us the opportunity to publish MyGPTeam in all French-speaking countries, led by France and Canada. The localization and marketing services that HexaGame will undertake will give us even more visibility thus acquiring a greater number of users from those countries as well” says Interactive Project CEO Matteo Palumbo.

“We’re very proud to have secured this deal with the talented team of Interactive Project”, says Nicolas Vincent, CEO of Hexagame. “We’re looking forward to bringing MyGPTeam to all french-speaking players.”

About Interactive Project

Interactive Project develops and publishes mobile and browser-based game, with focus on motor-sports and racing titles. The company is also engaged in assisting indie developers in the finalization and publishing of their games, through the project “Indie’s Way”, and it collaborates with third party companies on ad hoc development of gamification apps and advergames.

Our games are developed with extreme cure to graphics, design and game-play experience, stressing the social and multiplayer aspects. Each game is a modular product, opening the possibility to re-use the technology to boost the development of new games, titles and gamification apps.

24. May 2013 by Interactive Project
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