Our mission is to create a complete set of multiplatform and multidevice videogames published worldwide and to help indie developers access the great market via our channels thanks to our expertise.

Our values

Consumers first

We are gamers and we care about gamers! Gamers needs and entertainment are our priorities.

Motorsports passion

We are motorsports enthusiasts! Competition and andrenaline are in our blood.

Excellence and high quality

Excellence is our attitude and way of life.

Our team

Matteo Palumbo


If he were a vital part of a race car he’d be the Driver: tireless, enthusiastic hard working leader, our CEO Matteo is the first in line in any of the activities here at Interactive Project and always ready to drive us towards greater goals in our everyday working life.

Augusto Pace


To finish first, first you must finish, our CTO is the passionate leader of our development team, he’s like a bearded, more likeable version of Adrian Newey, he generates the main lines on which our developers work to transform our projects in amazing games.

Simone Serafini

Digital Product Designer

Fast cars often look good too, and someone has to make them beautiful: our UX & UI Artist turns simple 2D elements in the great compositions of our games’ frame while taking care of websites, videos, presentation and many other works here at Interactive Project.

Daniele La Norcia

Producer/Lead QA

Racing isn’t just about straight line speed, our Producer sets the race pace, makes sure that the brakes are in check, that the engine isn’t overheating and that we generally don’t crash and burn in a spectacular ball of fire.

Ennio Pirolo

Mobile/Web Developer

A good racing car is nothing without a good engine. We have Ennio Pirolo, his technical knowledge and expertise in the world of strings and code pushes us forward at warp speed.

Additional team skillset

Advanced skills
  • Concept art.
  • 3D art.
  • QA and testing.
  • Marketing and publishing


Augusto Coppola


Advisor for the team of Interactive Project, expert in pitching, presentations and anything related to the start-up and investors universe. In few words: our Master Kenobi with Cato's rhetorical talent.


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